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Below the picture of the dish you will find the best recipes according to which you can cook these amazing dishes.

Have you ever been in a situation where you don't know what to cook ? You cook the same thing over and over and you don't even like it anymore ? These inspirations will help you find your new favourite dish.

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How to generate a random food in dish picker ?

Press the GENERATE button to generate random dish. You can also use the ENTER key to generate. Under each generated dish, you can choose from three recipes.

Randomization of food

The principle of the food generator is based on randomization of random numbers. The database stores all the dishes with relevant content (label, picture, recipes.), which are displayed based on the generated random number. Each dish also has recipes stored in the database, which are displayed after the dish is generated. Each dish in the database has its own serial number, which prevents the same dish from being generated twice. An identical dish can only be generated after the entire database of dishes has been searched.

The author is not responsible for the use of the generated dishes, nor for the recipes to which the dish refers. These recipes are owned by third parties, so please read the relevant rules on the recipe page. These generated dishes are not stored in any database and it is not possible to return to them in the same order as before.