Everyone needs to generate a letter from time to time.

Here is a tip on how to use the random letter generator:

Name, Place, Animal, Thing. Use this generator to generate the letters and enjoy the game with your friends.



How to generate a unique letter in random letter picker?

Press the GENERATE button to generate random letter. A unique letter is generated each time until the entire alphabet is traversed. To generate the next letter, press TRY ANOTHER. The last three generated letters will be displayed below the button. You can also use the ENTER key to generate.

Randomization of letters

The principle of the letter generator is based on randomization of random numbers. Basically, it works by storing all the letters of the English alphabet in the computer's memory. Each letter has a sequential number. If the generate button is pressed, a random letter is displayed that is assigned to the number just generated. Each time a number is generated, the previous number is stored in the computer's memory so that it can be checked the next time it is pressed to prevent re-generation. It is only possible to generate the same letter again after all letters of the alphabet have been displayed.

The author is not responsible for the use of the generated letters. These generated letters are not stored in any database and cannot be revisited.