Everyone needs to generate a number from time to time.

Press the GENERATE button to generate the number. To generate the next number, press TRY ANOTHER. Using the MIN and MAX inputs you can specify the minimum and maximum value of the generated number. The last three generated numbers will be displayed below the button.




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⚬ Option of repeating numbers

How to make a random number using the random number picker?

First select the range of numbers in which you want to generate a random number, for example to generate in the range 1-10 set the MIN value to 1 and the MAX value to 10. You can set any range (1 to 100, 200 to 1000, etc.). To generate, press the GENERATE button or press the ENTER key.

Randomization of numbers

Randomization The history of randomisation is very long. Among the oldest and most famous ways of generating random numbers is the roll of the dice, which is still used in various board games today. Similarly, randomization is widely used in the gambling industry, for example in roulette. Basically, there are several types of generation methods. The physical method, which includes, for example, a radioactive source, is certainly worth mentioning. This generator works on the principle of the decay of a radioactive source, which always decays at a completely unpredictable time.

Our generator works on the principle of the most popular software method today, which is an algorithm that produces long strings of numbers that have a random distribution.

The author assumes no responsibility for the use of the generated numbers. These generated numbers are not stored in any database and cannot be revisited.