Generate a random shape, save it and use it as you like.

Each click generates a different random element with different colors. Use the Save button to save the image to your computer disk.



What improvements can you look forward to?

⚬ Extension of generated shapes

How to generate a random shape?

Press the GENERATE button to generate random shape. You can also use the ENTER key to generate. Once the shape is generated, you can save it using the Save button.

It is now possible to select from categories based on the shape you want to generate. There are 4 basic categories - simple shapes, complex shapes, composed shapes and geometric shapes. Simple shapes contain a curvilinear shape made up of several radii. Complex shapes are similar to simple shapes, but are much more complex. They have many more radii and folds. Composed shapes contain multiple solids that are Boolean subtracted from each other. The last category is geometric shapes, where you can generate basic shapes like square, circle, rectangle, rhombus, ellipse, but also pentagon, hexagon, septagon, octagon and others.